Trolleys for any crane type

KÜHNEZUG trolleys are available for single or double girder cranes of all types such as overhead, gantry or pillar jib cranes in plate, box or OVAL girder design.

  • Capacities of up to 630 tons
  • Travel speed from 1 meter/min up to 120 meters/min
  • Low abrasion of the runway rails and less noise due to the use of wheels made of a special high-strength polymer
  • Precise and soft positioning by modern frequency inverter technology
  • Easy and fast replacement of single parts due to our modular system
  • Low installation dimensions
  • Low hook approaches
  • Also available in explosion-proof design

KÜHNEZUG trolleys are manufactured modularly and can be individually configured according to your needs and wishes. The modular system makes replacing single parts quick and easy.

KÜHNEZUG trolleys stand out with their performance, durability, smooth running characteristics, and precise maneuverability.

For the different types of cranes, the following models are available:

Trolleys for single girder cranes and trolley tracks (Monorail)

  • ENC: Design with suspended hoist for plate and box girder cranes. Ideal for narrow free sizes.
  • EKB: Particular low trolley design with a laterally mounted hoist for plate and box girder cranes. The optimal solution for a maximum lifting height through effective utilisation of the building height.
  • ENK: Curve trolley with a pivotable chassis and suspended hoist. Suitable for curved plain girder trolley tracks.
  • WOP: Designed with laterally mounted hoist specifically for KÜHNEZUG OVALplus* cranes. The optimal solution for maximum lifting height and compact installation dimensions.

Trolleys for double girder cranes:

  • EZK: Double girder trolley for medium to heavy-load applications with low installation dimensions and hook approaches. Suitable for any kind of double girder cranes in standard design or custom manufacturing as a 4, 6 or 8 wheel trolley.