KÜHNEZUG hoists are available for capacities from 630 kg up to 630 tons and lifting heights of up to 250 meters. Powerful motors with up to 218 kW allow high lifting speeds of up to 120 meters/min. Modern frequency inverters allow smooth, continuous and accurate positioning of the load.

Due to this wide range of products, we can provide suitable hoists for almost any task. Depending on the application characteristics, you can choose between hoists of the D-series or the K-series. Both series have been well-proven thousands of times and are constantly advanced.


D-series (up to 63 t)

Compact, modular and well-proven

The D-series is designed for transporting goods from 630 kg up to 63 tons for light or medium applications. These are ideally suited for your workshop, as well as for assembly or warehouse operations.

The KÜHNEZUG D-series hoists are made of deep drawn components. Compared to regular castings this process yields lower weight and higher stability. The possibility to use the components flexibly was one of the highest values during the engineering process. Special gold galvanising of the essential components ensures long term protection against corrosion and increases durability. Disc brakes, that can be used millions of times with almost no adjustments, reduce maintenance works.

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For higher loads or particularly demanding applications, we recommend our K-series hoists.

K-Series (up to 630 t)

Powerful and robust

The K-series is designed for heavy industrial applications, especially for challenging tasks and the use under very hard working conditions. This type of hoist has been proven all over the world, in aggressive environments, with grabs or magnets, and during continuous operation. Possible areas of application are for example wind power plant construction, power plants, heavy engineering, mining or steel production.

  • Capacities of up to 630 tons
  • Lifting speeds of up to 120 meters / min
  • Lifting heights of up to 250 meters
  • Robust gearboxes made of cast iron
  • Less abrasion and high precision by using frequency inverter control by default
  • Customisable
  • A variety of special options such as true lift, load measuring system or power feedback unit
  • Explosion-proof protection available

The KÜHNEZUG K-series hoists are designed individually according to your particular application and are equipped with frequency inverter control by default. This ensures a smooth and precise positioning of your load. Powerful disc brakes which can be used millions of times with almost no adjustments minimize the maintenance work. The hoisting motor, brake, enclosed gearbox, and rope drum are aligned in one straight line. This effectively avoids dangerous deformations of the trolley and in the power transmitting components.

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For lower loads of up to 63 tons or lighter use, we recommend our D-Series hoists.