Drive Units

Drive Units

KÜHNEZUG drive units are used for the horizontal movement of cranes, trolleys and other mobile machinery.

The multitude of different models allows the use of our drive units for light to very heavy applications in a wide range of driving speeds.

  • Up to 50 tons pressure per wheel.
  • Driving speeds from 1 m/min up to 120 m/min.
  • Low abrasion and smooth running characteristics due to the use of a special high-strength polymer
  • High precision and low abrasion by using frequency inverter control.
  • Quick and easy replacements of single parts (modular system
  • Lateral guide rolls instead of wheel flanges cause lower abrasion of the rails and the wheels.
  • Operation without crane runway rails is possible
  • Durable due to gold galvanising
  • Various mounting holes allow many different applications.
  • Explosion-proof protection available.

KÜHNEZUG ROLLCOMPACT is a compact, enclosed drive unit consisting of wheel, gearbox, motor and brake. As part of the modular system, the ROLLCOMPACT can be easily integrated in different crane or trolley systems or other machinery. ROLLCOMPACT drive units are, as the D-series hoists, made of deep-drawn components which provide a low weight at high stability.