Salt plant

Extrem compact and self adjusting automated crane for true vertical lift in high corrosive environment

Crane Type Double girder overhead crane
max. Capacity 15 t
Span 3,7 m
Height of lift 50 m
Lifting speed with full load 24 m/min
Travel speeds crane / trolley 40/10 m/min
Frequency inverter Cranes / Trolleys / Hoist
FEM - group 1Am
Special features
  • Single rope fall with 15 t capacity
  • Very compact crane suitable for narrow surroundings
  • 50 m lifting height through narrow shaft
  • True Vertical Lift - horizontal hook movements during lifting or lowering of the load are compensated by self adjusting automated crane with PLC programming
  • Protection against corrosive environment: 330 μm special painting, galvanisation of hollow parts and rope drum, stainless steel control panels, brakes IP66, motors IP66 with anti-condensation heaters
  • Motion interlock (only hoisting, cross or long travel per time) for minimal heat emission and safe crane operation