Power supply

Depending on individual requirements, we offer the ideal solution for the power supply of your crane, trolley, hoist and other consumers (magnets, grabs, etc.). We use a variety of power supply concepts, such as conductor lines, energy chains, festoon cables, or cable drums.

The multi-pole conductor line for power supply by KÜHNEZUG is available for currents of up to 140 Ampere. The compact and aesthetic polymer housing offers excellent quality and safety. They are available for indoor as well as for outdoor installations and can be used for straight or curved crane and trolley runways. Our conductor lines come into operation as standard power supply for small to medium-sized cranes and hoists for trolley tracks. Energy chains are used for currents from 140 Ampere up to 1.250 Ampere, for example when several cranes operate on one runway or for particularly heavy loads, single-pole insulated conductor lines or, depending on the environment.